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Posted on: Jun 11, 2013

This ep scared the DWA team. Were you brave enough to handle it?


What’s scarier than a spooky old house and thunder and lightning? A big old ghostie that turns up in lots of pictures and bangs the doors – that’s what! The Doctor and Clara discovered that the ghost was really a time traveller in distress and that there was a mysterious visitor in the house – a creature from another dimension.


The Doctor helped the Crooked Creature pair up with his mate at the end of the episode, but we thought that was one of the scariest monsters we’ve ever seen! Do you agree? Email us at to tell us your view!


WE LOVED: Watching the Doctor ride the TARDIS!

FAVE CHARACTER: The Doctor and Clara were both brave ghost hunters!

BIGGEST SHOCKER: The Crooked creature was a romantic. Ahhhhh!